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You need to build a dynamic User Interface? You do not have Front-End developers? You are looking for backup in React / VueJs / Angular? Our den is full of it…

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What is Front-End development for novices?

“Front-end web development is the practice of converting data to a graphical interface, through the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so that users can view and interact with that data”.

Basically, it is the visible part, the front panel, the user interface of your product. It is the part that runs on the browser, the mobile or the user’s machine.

When do I need Front-End development?

Generally, the Front-End development of your project comes after the functional design phase, through wireframes or prototypes. Then, the setting up of a style guide and/or of a storybook allows the Front-End developers to create screens. Afterwards, the Back-End integration can start.

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What are the most used technologies at BearStudio?

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When we create web applications, websites, back-offices or even mobile apps, we generally use technologies such as: React, React Native, Vue and Angular. These technologies allow us to expand the visual layer brought by HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They also facilitate the implementation of complex features through the use of powerful tools, and help us maintain your project more efficiently.

Our experts in Front-End development, in addition to read documentation #rtfm, are constantly learning and sharing knowledge about web technologies, conventions as well as best practices. They regularly take part in online or physical conferences, like Codeurs en Seine, Devfest Brest et Devfest Strasbourg, Touraine Tech…

Follow all our business trips on our TraveledMap interactive map, or visit the page of our team to learn more about the bears who compose it.

Who will be my bear for my front-end development?

Our Front-end experts will always find the solution best suited to your project.

Don’t hesitate to enter our den to discover the other bears!

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