Ivan Dalmet

Lead Designer UI/UX

Lead designer, front-end developer and keen on web and ergonomics, Ivan has been playing with design and development to offer the perfect interface to your project for 10 years.

Animated conferences


March 2022

Implementation of tRPC on Start Repo

Ivan and Yoann are implementing tRPC on Start Repo, a BearStudio product. The objective is to implement a typing on the web services, which allows to define a contract between the API and the front-end.


January 2022

Development of an idea box with Next.js and Prisma

Ivan and Yoann accompany the viewers to do some monitoring and develop an idea box in React, Next.JS and Prisma. They then resume the React development of the Figma plugin started in the previous stream.


July 2021

Creation of a website with Next.js and Tailwind UI

Stream presented by Yoann in which Ivan coaches Hugo on how to create a website with Next.JS and Tailwind CSS in its pro-Tailwind UI version.


June 2021

First stream of the BS, open mic' and presentation of projects

Inauguration of the BearStudio Twitch channel, discussion about upcoming BS stream projects, answering all viewers' questions, presentation of open source projects and analysis of viewers' digital projects.

Meetup - Codeur en Seine

May 2020

React VS VueJs

Today, to launch a web application project, that is not just a small prototype, you may have to choose between React or VueJS. Come and share your opinion in a good atmosphere, the idea being to see the good and the bad points in both approaches. Because, spoiler alert, there is no silver bullet. But by sharing the strengths and weaknesses together, it might help you make your choice. Let's take the time to discuss these 2 different JS libraries together.

Meetup - Codeur en Seine

March 2020

Round table: CSS integration in 2020

BEM, BEMIT, OOCSS, CSS-in-JS, Tailwind CSS, lots of ways to approach CSS style integration in 2020. Let's take the time to discuss the different approaches together.

September 2019

Web ergonomics, the bases for everyone

"You are a developer, your code is perfect, your last refactoring makes it even more readable, you have eradicated all the bugs! It's D-day, the production launch! (and it's not even Friday). And then it all goes sideways! Feedback from your users: "How is it that when I click here nothing happens?" "It's super complicated! "We don’t understand anything..." So, (re)discover the basics of ergonomics and sublimate this code that is so dear to you with an ergonomic interface: your users will thank you!"

Les 12 heures de l'innovation numérique

March 2019

Designing your ideas with Whimsical

"An app idea to revolutionize the world, but you don’t really know where to start? Discover Whimsical, a tool to visually transcribe your next app idea, that could finally make you a millionaire*! *Non-contractual information : it's not miraculous, you'll have to work a little too ^^"


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