Nicolas TORION

Nicolas Torion

Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack developer, Nicolas can handle the implementation of the back-end logic of your web app, their external API connection, as well as their front-end visual integration. Considering technologies and languages as tools with a specific interest depending on the type of project, he is always looking for the most suitable technical solutions to your project.

Animated conferences

DevFest Strasbourg

November 2021

JSSophia #10

April 2021

Codeurs en Seine

September 2019

React Native: React to develop iOS and Android mobile apps

React has established itself for several years as a reference in the development of dynamic web applications. After the web, the Open-Source project was extended in 2015 to mobile with React Native and with the purpose to simplify the development of native Android and iOS mobile applications and to allow developers to have a single functional project on both platforms. This talk will therefore be a feedback on React Native and will present everything you need to know to start a React Native project:

Conférence de Nicolas Torion sur React Native au Dev Fest

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