From idea to production

You are carrying an innovative digital project, but you don’t know where to start? Not to worry, BearStudio is there for you!

Digital development studio

BearStudio supports project holders in their digital development process, with a team and/or CTO for rent.

The BearStudio is composed of developers and UX designers who help project’s leaders by bringing the technical knowledge they may lack. Whether you are a startup or an innovative company, our team can graft itself onto your project at any moment to move it forward.

From idea to production, we can provide navigable mock-ups (defining a technical scope) and then act upon the solution’s development. We can also join in on an ongoing project, for example if a previous development phase didn’t follow through, or simply to take part in developing some new features.

Tell us what your problem is!

You didn’t get here by chance and you probably have an issue or a situation we can intervene.

Le BearStudio propose des prestations d'UX Design

UX Design

Since the end user will be the key of your project success, our team helps you to look after the user experience of your interface:

  • Wireframes
  • Navigable mock-ups
  • UX audit of your product

Le BearStudio propose des prestations de développement web, mobile et applicatif


A team of versatile and agile developers used to the moving context, to conceive solutions centered on both the uses and the users:

  • Web applications (SaaS solutions)
  • Mobile applications
  • Websites
  • Proof Of Concept (POC)
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Le BearStudio propose des prestations de formations personnalisées


Organism of datastocked training, our multidisciplinary team can train you on many topics:

  • Development
  • Communication
  • Ergonomy and design
  • Project and business management

Guiding project’s holders

On most websites, values are displayed to look “good”… But for us, they are truly paramount! We know that it sounds cliché to say so, but we won’t abstain from being honest because there is a lot of bullshit out there.

Respect and trust is our creed

An accompanying studio close to your ideas

Without trust, no initiatives can succeed. That is why we work at human scale and with full transparency.


Quality Services

Developments which favours quality

Our objective is to provide you an efficient solution to test or conquest you market. We focus on the quality of our support and development services in order to successfully carry out your project.


A killer team

An agile and reactive team of developers

We practice agility in its true forms. We heed your needs and we develop tailored solutions adapted to your project. You will be able to keep in touch with our developers to ensure the best progress for your project.


A friendly envionment


It feels great working at BearStudio: we make a cohesive team that puts its good mood at the service of your projects!


I have an idea but I don’t know where to start

“I got the idea, the motivation, a start of specifications… but I don’t know what are the next steps.”

Come and meet us directly inside our offices in Seine Innopolis (Rouen, France) or call us, we will take the time to talk together of your project and the steps to come. We are not stingy when it comes to giving advice, and we are substantially experienced in guiding project holders who are a little lost. 😉

Let’s talk!

I have a specific need for my project

“I lack a skill internally or I need an outside point of view to keep going on.”

Modeling, UX Design, development, audit or guiding: we can intervene at several steps of your project in order to enable you to make it evolving. Let’s take some time to talk about your need together or send us an email with your request to get a quick estimation of its cost.

Let’s Go!

You need some technical reinforcement, some support to move forward or you wish to implement an innovative idea?

We help you to realize your projects by offering a customized support. We directly operate on your solution or guide you according to your needs.

Let’s grab a cup of coffee

Working with BearStudio

An extensive panel of offers to ensure the best development of your digital project.


Our team primarily consists of developers who work on various web technologies. We are proficient in numerous languages (such as Angular, React Native, Java, PHP and so on…) and this allows us to tailor our approach to your needs.


Our UX designers offer you a graphical identity close to your image and aspirations (graphical charter, mock-ups or logos).


Any member of BearStudio can train you or your team on using a new tool, learning a new language or using social media more efficiently. Moreover, we regularly give conferences around the world that you can check out on our Youtube channel. Being a Data-dock certified training agency, our programs are fully covered by the OPCO, according to the training budget of your company.


You wish to have an external standpoint about your product? Our team performs technical and ergonomical audits to enhance your project. We adjust our offer to your need and budget to deliver a significant improvement to your solution.

Show me what you can do

Some of the projects we have accompanied

An online platform that facilitates the GDPR compliance process for companies.


A step counting mobile app that allows users to make charity donations using their daily count.


An accounting tool for freelance service providers to help them manage their finances.


Mobile application that allows you to order, pay for drinks in bars, and interact with people in the same establishment through a chat service.


Created in 2016, BearStudio is a studio of support for project’s holders.
Graphical, brand identity, development, coaching: nothing scares us!

A project holder’s endeavor can sometimes be difficult, so it is time to surround yourself with a caring and competent team to meet your needs. Composed of designers, developers and mentors, our team can act at any stage of your project. You will progress efficiently on the development of your idea, whether it be on a technical or visual standpoint, and even on your funding requests.

Do you want to test your product?

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