What to do to join us?

If you want your shot at joining BearStudio and to become a teddy bear, read this page! #RTFM


How does the application process work at BearStudio?

At BearStudio, cooperation and continuous improvement are an essential aspect of our philosophy. That is why we highly recommend you follow the mere pieces of advice of this page. We’re hoping to meet people who are eager to join our team and we want to avoid consistently receiving applications full of mistakes, which makes us waste time.

Be original and creative

We are curious about your path and your experiences. However, save us from the generic cover letter full of ready-made sentences. Nobody is interested in reading plagiarized content!

Don’t hesitate to be original and creative. We see a lot of value in a portfolio of the projects you took part in, or a well put together Twitter, LinkedIn or GitHub account. In our eyes, these elements can be really telling about your personality and your skills. Similarly, if you are a noob with no content to put forward, get by on your own so as to show your motivation through your application.

Whilst you write your application, we would like you to tell us how you would react to a bear encounter!

These articles by Arnaud Lemercier and Quentin Adam will help you to better understand what we are talking about.

Put all the odds on your side by following us on social media

As you may imagine, we receive a lot of applications. So, in order to maximize your chances of joining BearStudio and catch our attention, follow us on social media and check out our content. You’ll get to know more about us and have some topics to discuss upon during the interview.

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Get acquainted with our application process workflow

As said previously, we are enormously solicited by numerous applications. So, before you grumble against us, we are going to explain to you the different steps of the application process at BearStudio.


1- Reception of applications

When we receive applications of people willing to join BearStudio, each application email is automatically added to the column “to process” on our Trello board. All the demands are thereby visible by the entire team and are displaced to the column “to study” in due time. Then, a first sorting is done by our administrative assistant, which eliminates the requests that will be refused in any case (due to lack of place or position not matching).

Afterwards, the other requests are sent to the developers to be studied, on a dedicated Slack channel.


2- Study of an application

When we study a case, we slag the Trello card to the “in progress” category. Next, the applications are split according to our decisions, into the columns “Yes” and “No”.

Finally, our administrative assistant takes note of the proceedings, contacts the potential successful candidates for an interview, and answers negatively to those who have unfortunately not been selected.


3- Answers to applications

As you can see, it is a process, which can, depending on the number of applications, take some time. All the more so as the applications often flock in waves at certain periods. Nevertheless, we try to take the time not to botch this step.

There is no reason to panic if we don’t directly respond, we will do it soon. On the other hand, for those who might have applied through another channel than the dedicated email address, our reactivity degree may be a bit longer. Thus, it is better to favour the process explained above.

Here you go! Now that we have revealed you the details of the process made in BearStudio, you got all the keys in hand to catch our attention and maybe to integrate our dream team! 😉.

To apply

For a job: job@[guess the end.fr]

For an internship, an apprenticeship: stage@[guess the end.fr]

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