You wish to conceptualize and visualize your functionalities? You need a visual representation of your product using flows? Trust our UX designers to build your wireframe screens which will be used as a basis for the implementation of the graphical interface.

What are wireframes?

The wireframes are a set of pages in schematic format, with no visual identity, embedding contents and functionalities. Their purpose is to define short iterations to determine the ergonomics and the functional fesability.

The wireframes are the preliminary stage of the graphical mockup implementation, which is the visually completed interface of your product. Establishing the wireframe is necessary to find the best ergonomics.

When to order wireframes?

If you want to showcase the user flows of your application or test out your features from a UX standpoint, you need to start with the wireframes. You will be able to clearly outline your users’ needs and the content, business features as well as services that go along with them. The wireframes can serve as a prototype for the implementation of your project.

What does the end product correspond to?

Illustration livrable wireframe

What do our wireframes contain?

Your wireframes are here to demonstrate the different functionalities and interactions of your digital product. They will be composed of:

  • All the screens required to define the journey of your product’s users
  • The main functionalities and the interactions between the pages
  • The components used on the different screens
  • A first version of your textual content

What will you get with your wireframes?

We realize your wireframes on Figma. This tool of graphical interface editing allows you to have access to:

An interactive prototype available online.

A listing of the components required for your product’s functionalities.

A PDF version of all the screens.

Regularly, we will propose you step points so that you can validate the different choices made by our designers.

Order your wireframes!

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