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Composed of highly qualified UX designers, our team offers you its sharp claw for a tailor-made support in order to optimize the User eXperience of your digital interface.

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What is UX design?

UX design is about emphasizing a user’s positive experience of an interface. This involves several parameters, from the graphic design of the interface to the way functionalities are thought out and include the commercial strategy in line with the business objectives.

At BearStudio our experts are fierce when it comes to UX. Whatever your digital project is, the user experience is at the heart of our concern. We provide you with thoughtful, fluid, easy-to-use and eye-pleasing interfaces that foster your business challenges.

Why focus on the user experience?

The more satisfied users are with their experience of your interface, the better the performance of your website or mobile application will be. This way, you will be able to adapt your strategy to your users’ expectations in order to generate maximum traffic on your platform. Last but not least, putting yourself in the user’s shoes is a good way to tie relevant interactions to their ideal spots.

Our UX design services

UX Design is expressed through several formats. Depending on your context, a moodboard will be sufficient to sketch out the project, whereas prior to a development phase, wireframes will be essential.

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A moodboard is a collection of images used to express the chosen style for the development of a creative project.
Graphic designers use this tool to give an idea of the mood they are trying to convey regarding a concept.

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A wireframe is a visual representation of a web page’s interface. It is notably used to create and arrange the components of an interface.
Wireframes are created before any graphic model prototypes. It is part of a conceptualization process.

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A mockup is a high-fidelity static representation of the application. It is established right before the latter is sent for development.
The designer in charge of this stage will use the wireframes and the graphical charter created beforehand. The client can finally visualise his future product.

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UX Design audit

User Experience Audit is a qualitative analyzis method that aims to evaluate the performance of a digital service from the users point of view.

By analyzing the screens of your interface, the UX designer will try to highlight the existence of possible usability problems on any type of media.

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Graphic Charter

The graphic charter contains all the rules for the use of the graphic elements (logo, typography etc.) of a project. It must be applied to all communication media.

This document enables you to maintain visual consistency with your brand’s image. By avoiding changing your appearance too often, you will avoid any confusion.

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