Back-End development

You need backup to build the Back-End of your project? You would like to add business logic to your product? You want to get help on technologies such as Spring, Symfony or Firebase… Enter our den and meet developers that are ready to help.

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What is back-end development for novices?

If we had to compare a website to a store, the Front-End would be the shop, where products are showcased and sold, and the Back-End would be the back room, the office part hidden from customers (users), where the inventory is managed.

In the case of a website or an application, it concerns the management of databases, the setup of a web server, the connection to an API, the implementation of a payment system, securing your entire content, or more broadly, anything related to the business logic of your project.

When do I need Back-End development?

As a complement to the work of Front-End developers, the Back-End development must be synchronized with the setting up of your project so as to be functional. Back-End developments are almost always compulsory and have to be thought of as soon as possible in the platform design step.

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What are the most used technologies at BearStudio?

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Depending on the scope of your project, the technologies that we use will be diverse and varied. Generally speaking, those we put forward are: Spring, JHipster, NestJS, NodeJS, Firebase, Laravel, Symfony, Java, etc.

Our developers make sure to share their discoveries regarding new technologies, current trends or best practices. They are constantly looking for new ways to improve the quality and the sturdiness of your platform’s back-end.

In addition to using these technologies, they take part in improving some of them. Indeed, some of our developers have contributed to JHipster by adding functionalities and by working on the creation of new modules. They also had the chance to give lectures about Firebase related topics, for example. Training is something that our collaborators tremendously practice in order to transmit their knowledge to junior developers.

Who will be my bear for my front-end development?

Our Back-end experts will always find the solution best suited to your project.

Don’t hesitate to enter our den to discover the other bears!

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