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BearStudio can help you enhance your project by assessing it from a UX standpoint through a technical audit.

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When part of your app or product is already developed, a UX audit might be necessary in order to optimize the user experience.

During the audit, our team partitions your project in 3 main sections: quickfixes, UX work and graphic charter. These three parts allow us to identify the positives and the points to improve, whether it be on bug fixes, visual consistency or on the interface’s ergonomics.

The steps of a mini UX audit

Througout this audit, we will analyze many of the following points, to define the relevance they might present as well as the upgrades that could be made.


  • Definition of the target
  • User assistance
  • Content usefulness
  • Actions to be performed by the user


  • Layout of the interface
  • Number of actions to perform
  • Simplified content
  • Content’s hierarchy


  • Interaction triggering elements
  • Control over actions
  • Guide to actions
  • Indicator of procedures


  • Ease of access
  • Adaptation to supports
  • Elements’ readability


  • Wording adaptation
  • User freedom
  • Animations use
  • Project’s iconography


  • Usage stemmed bugs
  • Texts’ inconsistency
  • Information credibility and authenticity

The mini audit’s final product

A written report will be provided at the end of the audit to pinpoint the parts to prioritize. This document will also include comments from our UX team on all of the aforementioned points. A video call can also be set up to discuss anything outlined during the audit of your project.

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