Quentin Lerebours

Project Manager & Developer

Entrepreneur but above all developer, Quentin chose to remain versatile in order to work with an overall consistent vision of your projects. Development, business, entrepreneurship and project management are therefore an integral part of his daily life. And he doesn’t even complain about it!

Animated conferences

Dubai - Astrolabs

February 2022

Abu Dhabi - Hub71

February 2022

React Native to develop native applications on iOS and Android

The idea of React Native is to simplify the development of native mobile applications and to allow the developers to have a single code project for both platforms Android and iOS. At BearStudio we use React Native as a solution for the development of our mobile applications projects. This talk will consist in an initiation to React Native and a feedback on the framework.

Conférence de Quentin Lerebours sur React Native à Astrolabs à Dubai

Dubai - Le Wagon

February 2022

How does a Digital Studio work with its clients ?

How to help clients achieve their goals through web development, ux/ui design and by using a lot of communication and attention to detail! Discussion on entrepreneurship and tech within the Dubai ecosystem.

Meet-Up codeur en Seine

October 2019

15 minutes to get started with Firebase

What if, in 15 minutes, you learned how to save yourself hours of work? During this snappy presentation, I will introduce you to Firebase, Google's tool that allows you to develop serverless projects. Firebase offers authentication services, database, file storage, cloud functions and others, whose handling is extremely simple. These services allowed me to develop an entire application, in a few months and on my spare time.

Meet-Up codeur en Seine

April 2018

JHipster, the story of a freelancer and a client

JHipster is an ultra-complete web starter which boosts the creation of your projects and has remained up to date despite its age. The conference will be a simple feedback on this technology with a freelancer and his clients as its speakes. Between speed of development and long-term maintainability, does JHipster still have a place in our various technical stacks?

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