Fabien ESSID

Fabien Essid

Front-End Developer

Young graduate developer, Fabien is curious and all-rounder. He joined the team for an internship and never left again. From now on, rather oriented towards the front, he always gives the maximum for meeting the needs.

Animated conferences

Dubai - Astrolabs

February 2022

Abu Dhabi - Hub71

February 2022

Key principles and important commands for evolving on Git

Introduction to Git. Learn the concepts and the commands of Git. This training is aimed at beginners and any kind of people willing to get more experience and learn about the principles of Git. This training is based on IT projects.

Conférence de Fabien Essid sur Git à Astrolabs à Dubai

Dubai - Le Wagon

February 2022

How does a Digital Studio work with its clients ?

How to help clients achieve their goals through web development, ux/ui design and by using a lot of communication and attention to detail! Discussion on entrepreneurship and tech within the Dubai ecosystem.

Codeurs en Seine

April 2021

JSSophia #9

March 2021

Formiz: create your forms easily in React, with a composable, headless library, with or without multistep

To gain flexibility in the creation of your React forms, I am going to introduce you to Formiz, a library that I use every day. Composition, validations, multi-step, the possibilities of Formiz are numerous and we will see together how to start in all simplicity!

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