Develop your project with BearStudio

The BearStudio team is here to help you at any stage of your project! We are able to back you up from idea to production. Composed of UX designers, Front-End and Back-End developers, our team is utterly dedicated to the best implementation of your project.

Our commitment

The size of your project does not matter, our team adapts to your context and your needs in order to offer you the best development options! Our experts are always aware of new technologies, conventions and best practices. They give the best of them to deliver the product that will match with your market, your constraints and especially your users.

For our team members the paperwork does not matter… Being a service provider does not change a thing to their thoroughness and their involvement when they are working on your project (on the flip side they claim their salary in time… #deposit #invoice :p)

A bear's word

What do you need?

Schéma représentant l'UI/UX design

UI/UX design

We offer many UX design services in order to meet the needs and requirements of your users.

I need UX designers

Schéma représentant l'intégration


You already know what your project is going to look like but you need to bring it to life? We handle your digital prototypes’ integration

I need integrators

Schéma représentant le développement front-end

Front-End development

You do not have Front-End developers and you need assistance to power up your code, in other words JavaScript support? Are you looking for backup in React / VueJs / Angular / React native?

I need Front-End developers

Schéma représentant le développement back-end

Back-End development

You want to develop your API? You do not have Back-End developers? You are searching for java developers? JavaScript (Node.js, Nest, …)? PHP?

I need Back-End developers

Who makes up the team for your project?

Your team and ours …

If you choose this option, our team at BearStudio will work in full cooperation with yours. This will facilitate the transfer of skills and train your team during the project.

… Our team only

In that case, you give the keys of your project’s development to our team, while remaining in touch with them in order to keep a close eye on your project’s progress. This formula has a speed advantage since our UX designers and developers are used to working together.

When do you have to start the development of your project?

After creating a graphical charter and setting up the bases of your project thanks to wireframes and prototypes, you are ready to get down to business. You need to develop your project by successively carrying out the planned stages. Whatever the architecture you want to set up or the way you want to manage your project, this is when our developers will put all their technical know-how at your disposal.

Do you want to test your product?

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