Your imageries are ready and you want to move on to code? You need developers to help you integrating your graphical elements? Come in our den and trust our developers to transform your visual appeal into code.

What is integration?

Integration is the first step of front-end development. It is used for putting your graphical mock-ups into code. Integration allows to experience the graphical mock-ups by creating and integrating the components of a functional mock-up of your product. The implementation of your project’s integration enables to create a visual and functional skeleton which will then be used for the front development.

In addition to preparing the follow-up of your project’s realization, you will be able, once this step achieved, to concretely browse all the screens of your product, as if it was in production.

What are the steps of a good integration?

The tasks of your integrators have to be done in a certain order to be fully efficient:

  • Cutting the mock-ups into components that will be created in the storybook
  • Setting up the navigation layout
  • Integration of the real pages and components
  • Checking the compatibility issues between the different browsers

During this process, different phases of recipes will be set up in order to ensure the integration good quality.

Ony in this order

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The styleguide will serve as a base to work on

You need to make your set of mock-ups more consistent? You want to settle the style instructions on your future digital product? The styleguide is a tool that will allow all the actors of your project to agree on the usage rules of your interface graphical components.

This document lists all the graphical elements of your digital products, called components. The definition of components in a styleguide notably allows to improve communication within the production team of your project since it serves as a common reference.

The storybook is a performing solution

Your mock-up is ready and you want to start the development phase? You need to begin the development with consistent and strong bases? The integration of a storybook allows the developers to create reusable components all along the process.

The storybook is a tool integrated into your project, allowing to create and reference the UI components of your digital product inside a library easily accessible. It also ensures efficient maintainability, as well as a better consistency within your interface. Thereby, it is an essential tool to start your development.

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