Your project’s features are ready but you still need to add a layer of visual appeal to it? You want to showcase your product to some investors, but at a minimum cost? Enquire for our UX/UI experts to build you the perfect interface!

What is a mockup?

The mockup is a set of pages and features (specified in the wireframes) shaped with a visual identity, defined by the graphic charter, with the purpose of delivering a representation of the final result before launching the development phase.

The mockup is the last step of graphical conception. It is the visually completed interface of your product. Thanks to the mockup, the website’s or application’s development can be fine-tuned and achieved much faster.

When to order a mockup?

Once your graphic charter has been created and your functionalities have been defined thanks to the wireframes, it is time to set up the mockup. In a prototype, it will enable all the actors of your project to see what your product will really look like.
Thanks to the mockup, you will have a real visual of your project, and it will serve as a base for the developers who will use it as a reference.

What does the end product correspond to?

Illustration d'une maquette

What is in your graphical mockup

Your mockups are here to demonstrate the different interactions available through your product by adding a visual layer. They will be composed of:

  • The main functionalities and the interactions between the pages
  • Differents element of your graphical mockup like your logo, your colors, your typography, etc. incuded in your graphical components
  • The main and most important components

What will you receive with your mockup?

The mockups’ screens are tools which are used to see the whole flow of your product, but also to have an overview. Therefore, you will receive:

An interactive prototype available on Figma

A list of components you need to understand the mockup.

A PDF version of all the screens.

Regularly, we will propose you step points so that you can validate the different choices made by our designers.

Order your mockups!

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