It is not always easy to pitch something which has not been created yet. Have your moodboard built by our designer to express your ideas with a visual support.

What is a moodboard?

A moodboard is the first concept of a project, the representation of the basic idea to be able to present it and to convince without going into details.
The moobard is not intended to demonstrate the graphic specificities of your project. Yet, it must correspond to the graphic intention and the universe should be highlighted.

Use of photos or special treatment of these? Use of flat color areas or of geometric shapes? The moodboard is not a random set of elements and must remain consistent with its own rules.

When to order a moodboard?

  • Pitching
  • Exchanging with potential customers or partners
  • Making a summary presentation
  • Market research phase

To define your brand image, you should favor a graphic charter. To detail the functionalities of your project, you will need wireframes.

What do our moodboard look like?

What is in your moodboard?

Your moodboard’s purpose is to quickly demonstrate the vibe your project conveys. It is comprised of :

  • Color options, typographies and geometrical shapes that will set up a clear and neat environment
  • Some guidelines regarding the usage of graphical elements such as images, buttons, etc.

How will you receive your moodboard?

A PDF document showing your moodboard

You will receive at least two moodboards to choose between two different universes

Once completed, we will present you the moodboards so that you can validate the work of our designers

Order your moodboard!

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