Graphic charter

You need to create the identity of your firm or your product? You want to match it with a graphic universe? Trust our designers to create a visual identity capable of transcribing the DNA of your project through a graphic charter suited to your market.

What is a graphic charter?

The graphic charter is a guide including the usage rules and the graphic elements’ characteristics of a brand or a project (colors, fonts, typographies, symbols…).

The visual elements of the graphic charter will be present on the screens of your project. They can be used on the different communication tools of the company, so as to guarantee the homogeneity and the consistency of its image, both internally and externally.

When to order a graphic charter?

From the inception of a project, it is appropriate to proceed with the creation of a graphic charter. It will contribute in giving a visual identity to your company or your project, whatever format is used. The audience or the users will therefore be able to easily identify your brand and the graphic charter will serve as a base for all the visual realizations of your project. It is the preliminary step to the moodboard, in any project, and especially digital ones. Thus, if efficient, it will be used for several purposes and will most notably bring significant added value to the firm.

What does the end product correspond to?

What is in your graphic charter?

Your graphic charter is there to create all the universe associated with your product. Our designers will work with you to imagine the graphic identity corresponding to your field and your needs.

Your graphic charter, which is a document with a specific layout, will include:

  • Your logo that will allow to identify your brand at a glance.
  • The colors and typos that are the cornerstones of your graphic identity.
  • The usage rules of your graphic elements in different contexts.

So, you will receive:

A PDF file illustrating the different elements of your graphic charter

The files of your logo under different formats (PNG, SVG…)

Order your graphic charter!

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