Rudy Baer

Founder & CTO

Technical manager and experienced project simulator, Rudy has finally decided to live the entrepreneur adventure. He founded BearStudio because he wished to accompany startupers and to offer more than a simple development studio.

Animated conferences

Brest - DevFest du bout du monde

February 2020


November 2019

Meetup codeur En Seine

October 2019

How to host my app online when starting with Cloud services?

All cloud providers promise the same thing: “don’t worry bro, your app will never fall down and you will be able to scale as much you want”. Ok that’s great, but before reaching this point, I must ship this f*ck*ng app online? And I am not a cloud expert, I just want to put my app online… Moreover, Gérard wants it to be done for yesterday! We will start with a quick overview of existing solutions, and then we will choose some of them to put online the combo: FRONT + API (+DTB). We will analyze the advantages, the drawbacks, and above all the cost of setting up solutions like AWS, CleverCloud, Heroku, Netlify, Gitlab pages… The purpose of this talk is not to determine which solution is the best, nor how to optimize its shipping. I just want to share my experience and I hope to save you a little time when you will be confronted against this type of issue. This lecture is mainly aimed at 3 types of profile: Full-stack developers or “jacks of all trades” Students who don’t know how to put an app online Managers who have to choose a provider but don’t know where to start

Normandie Web Xperts

April 2019

The digital tools of the entrepreneur

Have you ever wondered about your daily efficiency? You are looking for tools to chat, send, list, schedule... On your different devices... easy to use? Well, it exists, they are accessible and with a good practice of use, we are going to present you a panel to answer the needs when managing a project, a team, a company....

Now Coworking

October 2018

Deciphering tech to launch one’s digital project

You want to launch your startup? You have an innovative digital project? Problem, you have no technical knowledge... or worse, you have implemented a WordPress website once in your life and you are convinced that computer development is simple and free... The purpose of this lecture is to popularize the concepts and jargon to know (front dev, API, back, cloud, big data ...). To give you a real overview of the market (salary of a developer, production costs...) #nobullshit. Finally, we will give some recommendations to avoid some traps.

Fac de Droit de Rouen

March 2018

Presentation of the manager's digital tools

After 3 editions of the #JDE, the Licence Pro Communication of Rouen welcomes students to spend a day of study placed under the sign of knowledge, but also of conviviality. The theme was: "Management in the digital age". A unique opportunity to step back and reflect together on this subject that irreversibly changes our way of working in business.

Normandie Web Xperts

October 2015

Ansible, the lazy but pragmatic sysadmin tool

Ansible is a tool for configuration management, task execution and multi-machine deployments. Through a brief presentation and feedback, we will show you the potential of Ansible and the ease of managing tedious tasks on a daily basis.


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