Nicolas Grèverie

Business Developer

Former company executive in the world of video games, Nicolas now puts his experience and his foresight to the service of BearStudio projects. For him, entrepreneurship is simply a system you have to learn to master. His knowledge of this complex system enables him to bring projects’ holders relevant advice and solutions to obstacles that may stand on their way.

Animated conferences

CCI Vikin

November 2019

Improve your management: become a Game Master!

Like many boys who grew up in the 90’s and made computer science studies, I did some role playing in my youth as a gamer. He will show you all the similarities between gaming and managing a team.

Dayclic 2019

July 2019

UX at the heart of the entrepreneurial process

Throughout this talk, BearStudio experts will show you how they use UX in all their activities: recruiting, business, IT development, management...

Normandy Web Xperts

July 2019

The entrepreneur’s digital tools

We’ve all dreamed about it, BearStudio has done it. No more need to search for the best tools to save time, optimize productivity and be more efficient. Laurie, Nicolas and Claire have listed for us their best uses in terms of business, communication, social networks, administration and website.

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