Claire Jeanne

Assistante Full-Stack

Claire is the person who is in charge of all the internal logistics, the administrative part, the accounting and human resources management. As much to say that she is indispensable to the good functioning of the studio. You could try anything you want, you won’t make her stressed, she manages her business and leads her boat to perfection.

Animated conferences

Dayclic 2019

November 2019

L'UX au coeur de ma démarche entrepreneuriale

Throughout this talk, BearStudio experts will show you how they use UX in all their activities: recruiting, business, IT development, management…

Normandie Web Xperts

July 2019

Les outils numériques de l'entrepreneur

We’ve all dreamed about it, BearStudio has done it. No more need to search for the best tools to save time, optimize productivity and be more efficient. Laurie, Nicolas and Claire have listed for us their best uses in terms of business, communication, social networks, administration and website.

February 2019

Secretary VS Dev

Feedback from an administrative assistant in a development studio. Have you ever felt like a whale in Microcosmos? It happened to me... When I met a development studio on my career path. I had already tested a lot of different fields, and I was determined not to sign a permanent contract until I felt really good somewhere! But I had never found anything somewhat similar to BearStudio. I dove in without a bottle nor preparation into a world where we talked to me about agility, self-governance, but also about sprint, merge request, issue and a lot of other terms that I still don't master... In return, I talked to them about framework contracts, collective agreements, vacation management, accounting plans... One year and a half later, I'm still here, they are too, we learned to work together and to understand each other. I would like to share this singular but so enriching experience because frankly, I don't regret for anything in the world to have dared to launch myself in this professional and human adventure!

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