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When using User Interface (UI) starters in the past, we found ourselves faced with deciding which technology would be best for us to use. From UI framework, HTTP Client, Routing Library, Style Library, Form Library, to downloading all the configurations and dependencies needed can be very time consuming. To put everything in one place and streamline how we choose these options, we decided to dive into creating our own User Interface Starter called Start UI.

What is Start UI?

🚀 Start UI is a collection of opinionated UI starters for design, web and mobile (mostly React based at the moment) which lets you easily bootstrap new UI projects. Based on our many years of experience working with starters and on real projects ranging from small to large scale applications, 🚀 Start UI starters are opinionated and made of strong architectural design decisions. They come with many configurations (such as Internationalization, API Mocking, Storybook, Dark Theme…), components and user administration interfaces by default. Those features help to avoid the setup phase and quickly develop the features specific to the project use cases.

At the moment, 🚀 Start UI is made of 3 projects: 🚀 Start UI [web], 🚀 Start UI [native] and 🚀 Start UI [figma].

🚀 Start UI [web]

… is our most advanced starter that can be used for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PWA (Progressive Web Application), SPA (Single Page Application), SSR (Server Side Rendering). It is web ready and will boost your project setup and your productivity while ensuring code quality.

🚀 Start UI [native]

… is used to develop mobile applications. Based on React Native with quite a different stack, this starter helps you to quickly push your application to the Stores.

🚀 Start UI [figma]

… is a Figma file that represents what is possible to do with 🚀 Start UI [web] and 🚀 Start UI [native]. It is made of components (auto layout, variants, etc) that are available to the developer in the Web and Native version, so your designers are always doing interfaces that are possible for the developer to implement.

At BearStudio, we maintain and use all 3 of these starters, and our clients are pleased that we come with a solution to quickly bootstrap their projects. All developers that are comfortable with React can start using 🚀 Start UI [web] and 🚀 Start UI [native] for their projects, and designers that are comfortable with Figma can start using 🚀 Start UI [figma]. The benefits for the [web] and [native] versions are: productivity because you will skip the setup phase, code quality using the ESLint and Prettier configuration, code safety using TypeScript and tests configuration. For 🚀 Start UI [figma], the main benefit is productivity because it comes with a lot of components that are available in the [web] and [native] versions.

Start using 🚀 Start UI [web] today using the command line we developed:

npx create-start-ui --web myApp


Start using 🚀 Start UI [native] today using the command line we developed:

npx create-start-ui --native myApp


Start using 🚀 Start UI [figma] today from Figma community


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