Philippe Chevreul

Front Padawan

UX designer and front-end developer, Phlippe always seeks to make interfaces the most functional possible. His concern for the user and his capacity to integrate solutions is at your disposal!

Animated conferences


May 2019

Common sense at the service of your users

You are a hardcore developer? You are proud of your latest application, your latest feature developed? But then why is it not used or not understood by your users? We know... and we are not going to teach you anything new! However, let's go over some basic ergonomics theories with a lot of common sense. You will finally be really proud of your interfaces, and your users too.

Hall 24

July 2021

UX methodologies

UX methodologies allow you to create the most suitable tools and interfaces for your users. Discover the processes we use at BearStudio to launch your project in the best conditions!

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